We live and breathe the technological revolution

“Connecting Your Brand to the right audience through advanced technology”

Founded in 2021, Akshaya Vistaar is one of the fastest-growing digital marketing consultancy and solutions providers based in New Delhi, India. Backed by a team of seasoned professionals including marketing strategists, technology innovators and creative directors, our competency lies in delivering end-to-end digital service to our clients.

Ever since our inception, we have been ceaselessly collaborating with reputed clients from different industries, helping them redefine the core of their business.

Best Services

From an idea to an unforgetable and measurable digital experience.

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Not your usual digital marketing agency

At Akshaya Vistaar, we go several steps further to eventually become your ultimate allies in your future growth prospects. We work towards getting your brand noticed, heard, understood, and accepted by your target audience. With a blend of creativity and technology, our strength lies in new design ideas, content that captivates, and building customized backend and frontend solutions from scratch.

Following a big picture strategy, we focus on establishing an overall strong presence of your brand on the internet by deploying advanced technological and digital marketing solutions.

Be it online marketing and branding, building an advanced interactive website, developing a backend CMS system, or creating a custom Chatbot from scratch, we are here for you.


Our Brand & Logo

Vistar (Devanagari: विस्तार, lit: Detailed) has its origins from a Sanskrit
word that means something that spreads vast and fast.

By combining the word ‘Akshaya’ which means never diminishing and ‘Vistaar’, we are putting forward the commitment we have towards taking your business to great heights by way of a digital transformation.

This commitment is further reflected in our tagline, our mantra “Limitless Expansion” which stems from our dedication and optimism in establishing your brand’s strong presence in existing and new markets in the future.



The Kalpavriksha Tree (Lit: World Tree) is mentioned in Sanskrit literature as a wish-fulfilling tree that holds divine value in Indian mythology and is perceived as a symbol for flourishments, long life, with its roots representing the importance of staying grounded.

The Kalpavriksha Tree as our logo defines our cultural roots and reflects our brand values & guiding principles that stand on five pillars -

  • Focusing on client’s requirements
  • Innovation, research & development
  • Improved effectiveness & efficiency
  • Staying grounded
  • Fostering long-term relations

Brand Colors

For our official Brand Colors, we chose the warm tones on the color wheel i.e. hues of oranges
which is a subtle blend of yellow and red tones to rightfully represent our brand’s optimism, activeness, energy,
and maintaining client relations.

Our Strategic Partners

Akshaya Vistaar has collaborated with reputed SaaS platforms like Amazon Web Services, Route Mobile, Alchemy, Knowlarity, Vectramind, and several others to establish itself as a fast-paced online product-oriented company.

By deploying several online tools and software, we stitch together a custom-built solution using different permutations and combinations that serves as an answer to all your specific requirements.