5 Online Branding Tips That Your Business Must Use in 2022


5 Online Branding Tips That Your Business Must Use in 2022

In today’s internet-driven world where almost everything is being done online, it is crucial for the businesses to adapt and take branding decisions accordingly.

The internet is full of marketing opportunities for your business. From setting up an online store to using social media as a marketing tool, a little brainstorming and out-of-the-box ideas can help your target market resonate better with your offerings.

While many aspects of your brand must be set in its logo, color schemes, and brand persona, the way your brand engages with your target audience should be flexible and adaptive of current customer perceptions and changing trends.

How to make your branding strategy stand out?

In this article, we will explore five online branding strategies that you can follow to scale your business online -

  • Promote sustainability
  • Representation matters
  • Say no to stock photos and Photoshop
  • The power of user-generated-content
  • Build online communities

Let’s dive in!

1. Promote Sustainability

Climate change is real and there is no denying that. In recent times, consumers are doing their best to reduce their carbon footprint. They are looking for ways to become eco-friendly and therefore, they are following a sustainable approach in making purchase decisions.

By becoming a brand that makes sustainability approachable, you have an opportunity to get into the good books of modern-day consumers. Do not hide your sustainability efforts, instead bring them to the forefront through ways of sustainable packaging, eco-friendly products, reusable products, ethical sourcing, and more.

2. Representation Matters

Modern-day consumers are tired of watching superficial advertisements that are not inclusive. It is a diverse world, full of many races, colors, cultures, identities, ethnicities, and abilities. It is not something that should be ignored but should be celebrated. The industries are making a constant effort to drive the marketing culture forward by adapting diversity and inclusivity. This means your brand’s photos, videos, and illustrations should have more people of different colors, body types, and ages in your advertisements.

3. Say no to stock photos and Photoshop

Perfectly photoshopped and high-definition stock images are things of the past now. It is 2022 and people are tired of picture-perfect images. According to studies, 51% of consumers believe businesses create over-edited images and lack authentic content.

If your brand uses images of people with skin imperfections and wrinkles and products in real- life scenarios instead of extremely edited studio shots, your brand will get into the good books of your target audience.

4. The power of user generated content

As in the name, user-generated content is created by users and not the brand. Based on a survey done b AdWeek Survey, 81% of people trust the content shared by the general users on the internet instead of the brands. In a way, you can use user-generated content like customer testimonials. Your brand can use them to showcase how happy and satisfied your customers are with your offerings.

Popular brands are following this trend and resharing the content created by their customers on their social media. One way of leveraging user-generated content is through hashtags. You can ask your customers to post the pictures using your custom hashtag.

5. Build online communities

The 2020s decade is all about personalized interests and niche communities of like-minded people. While the last decade was all about generalized marketing on the internet, people today seek personalized experience online. Newsletters, customer communities, and local events are all on a rise. Creating community-driven content is based on two-way communication and engagement between a brand and its customers.


Online branding is all about keeping your customers close to you. By staying connected with your customers and understanding their needs, your brand will be showcased as a more human brand that they can relate to.

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