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Search Engine Marketing or Pay Per Click Marketing (PPC) is an all-time favorite online marketing strategy that requires a little investment and little time to execute. The term ‘Pay Per Click’ means that the advertiser has to pay a certain fee every time an online user clicks on their advertisement.

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Promoting your online business the right way is the key to having a successfully established online brand. There are many methods that one can take, but one quick way to promote your offerings to the right audience at the right time at the right place is through Search Engine Marketing (PPC Campaigns).

At the first glance, running a PPC campaign might seem like a relatively easy task as compared to SEO and other digital marketing activities. After all, it requires you to simply create an ad using given options, adding your billing information, and hoping for the best, right? Wrong.

If you look at PPC campaigns closely, you will realize that it takes a lot more than simply creating an ad to hit the bullseye. More often than not, one mistake and your campaign can easily backfire, ending up costing you heaps with no returns..

This is why you require a professional PPC agency in Gurgaon to handle your paid campaigns (PPC) online. At Akshaya Vistaar, our PPC Services Experts continuously research-proven PPC methods and combinations that give the best results. They help in achieving the best targets and low-cost conversions, at a lesser investment.

Advocating a data-driven PPC approach, we study your target audience, competitive market before curating and running your ads. This way, we not only bring you prospective leads but also establish you as a brand among your target markets.

At Akshaya Vistaar, the best PPC company in Delhi NCR,

  • Reach a larger target audience.
  • Enter new markets on a global scale with ease.
  • Customize your website based on targeted locations.
  • Increase your e-commerce sales.
  • Establish yourself as a solid online brand.
What makes Akshaya Vistaar the Best PPC Expert in Delhi NCR?

Professional PPC Experts: With years of experience running conversions-driven PPC campaigns across major platforms like Google Ads, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, and more, Akshaya Vistaar takes care of the following -

  • Target market and demographics research
  • Thorough competitive research
  • Search Ads Advertising
  • Display Ads Advertising
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Mobile Advertising
  • Video Advertising
  • Social Media Advertising

How do Akshaya Vistaar’s Top PPC Experts do it?

A magician never discloses his secrets! But in the name of transparency, we will spill some secrets for you. Here’s a little sneak peek into how our certified PPC professionals do it.


1. Optimizing PPC Bid Strategy

As the leading PPC marketing company in Gurgaon, our experts work on structuring a bidding management system, optimize primary and secondary sets of keywords, monitor ad campaigns continuously to enhance conversion rates with the help of well-defined landing pages, manual and automatic bid settings.


2. Using Ad Extensions

Keeping in mind that netizens want more specific information without it appearing cluttered, we make use of relevant ad extensions for you to display the most crucial piece of information including contact details, product images, and links to your website - all in a pleasing way.


3. Remarketing Campaigns

An absolute favorite, remarketing campaigns help you show your offerings to those people who have in some way showed their interest in what you have to offer - visited your website, subscribed to your email lists, or engaged with you on social media./p>


4. Shopping Campaigns

Considering the online shopping trend, eight out of every ten online shoppers would click on your shopping ad and make purchases. We help curate appealing shopping campaigns across popular search engines like Google, bringing the strongest leads to you.


5. Mobile App Reach & Engagements

Do you know? There thousands of apps that are never downloaded, let alone engaged with. With the help of our expert PPC Team, we ensure that your mobile app gets maximum attention, receives an impressive number of downloads.

A magician never discloses his secrets! But in the name of transparency, we will spill some secrets for you. Here’s a little sneak peek into how our certified PPC professionals do it.


FAQs About PPC Services

Having a beautiful website is only half the job done. To achieve your business objectives, you need your website to reach your audience. One fast route by which you can make your audience aware of your existence is by running paid ads according to a defined sales funnel: awareness - interest - consideration - evaluation - conversion. With the right kind of PPC efforts in place, you can get your business to reach greater heights rather quickly.

Yes, all our PPC efforts are defined by the type of industry our clients operate in, their direct and indirect competition, and their target audience.

You can have a look at our PPC packages here.

At Akshaya Vistaar, we have a separate dedicated team of PPC Professionals that monitor every PPC activity up close - from audience engagement to budget allotment to ensure the best conversion rate at a lower investment.

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