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How often do you, as an online user, find yourself on Google? We’re guessing the answer is “every day”.

Now, ask yourself this - how often do you click on the second page of the Google Search Results? We’ll go out on a limb to assume that the answer is “almost never”.

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These two points should help you understand the importance of search engines and digital marketing services in today’s competitive world, and from a brand’s perspective - the major importance of being present on the first page of popular search engines like Google Search Results.

Imagine this - You have put your heart and soul into designing your company website that is appealing to the viewer’s eye, has the right aesthetics and interesting content, but it still fails to receive the traffic you wished it would receive. So where are you lagging? The answer lies in Search Engine Optimization.

One error that most brands make is thinking of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as an afterthought. However, in reality, it is not some fancy digital element that could be integrated ‘later’, but it is one of the crucial building foundations of your website’s ultimate online success.

At Akshaya Vistaar, the best SEO company in Delhi NCR, we have established a niche for ourselves by offering custom SEO solutions based on your business and the industry you operate in, helping you widen your online marketing horizons effectively. Our team of seasoned SEO professionals understands that the SEO process is more than just about keywords. It is rather a technical art form that focuses on the overall optimization of your website from both target audience and searches engine perspectives. The core of the SEO process lies in the strategies that enable your website to be visible on the first page of search engine results.

  • Reach a larger target audience.
  • Enter new markets on a global scale with ease.
  • Customize your website based on targeted locations.
  • Increase your e-commerce sales.
  • Establish yourself as a solid online brand.
What makes Akshaya Vistaar the Best SEO Expert in Delhi NCR?

Professional SEO Experts: At Akshaya Vistaar, we follow a data-driven strategy to make sure that our clients receive the maximum benefits out of the SEO efforts thus implemented. Our team prepares and maintains daily, weekly, and monthly reports of the website’s overall performance and other parameters like website traffic, customer retention rate, click-through rate, backlink structure, and more that affect the website’s ranking in the search engine result pages (SERPs).

To give you an edge over your competitors and attract valuable leads, we offer the following SEO services -

  • In-depth competitive analysis
  • Thorough keyword research
  • Technical and On-Page SEO services
  • Backlinking and Off-Page activities
  • Website code optimization
  • Content marketing suite
  • Online relationship management (ORM)

Additional SEO Services That our SEO Experts offer


1. E-commerce SEO

E-Commerce is one of the greatest products of the digital revolution. Our team regularly analyzes the changing e-commerce curve to design strategies that drive more sales. These strategies mainly include optimizing product pages so that they are visible to relevant searches in the search engine.


2. Hyperlocal SEO

Local markets and brick & mortar shops have largely benefitted from the search engines. By customizing your website’s landing pages based on geographical locations and other demographics, we make sure that you reach the right searches done by the targeted audience in your local area.


3. Enterprise Level SEO

Managing a large, enterprise-level website is a huge task because it comes with thousands of web pages, meaning, a LOT OF CONTENT. By targeting semantic keywords and optimizing your website’s technical end to ensure that it easily handles the heavy load of web pages, we make sure that your website stays in search engine good books.


FAQs About SEO Services

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a continuous process of working on your website in terms of content, images, and technical elements to make it appealing to the end-users, and most importantly, the search engine bots so that they show your website in the first page of the search results when your user types in their query looking for a business like yours. Without a strategic SEO process in place, your website can never be visible on the first page, thus leaving out a massive audience that you can convert into your clients.

Yes, based on your niche area and industry, we lay out a customized, phase-wise plan that will be specifically designed to meet your website needs and expectations.

You can take a look at our SEO plans here.

Committed to our tagline, ‘Limitless Expansions’, we not only execute a decent SEO strategy to help it rank better in the search engines, but we also perform other complementing activities to bring 360-degree growth to your business. We seek to become your digital alliances, guiding you in reaching new heights.

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